Symposium Univ Bordeaux

AMADEUS - 4th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference - October 26-29, 2014

ISHA 2014 topics


  1. Physico-chemical properties of solvents
  2. Process modeling and simulation
  3. Novel processes and solvents for hydro/solvothermal synthesis
  4. In situ analysis methods for hydro/solvothermal processes
  5. Supercritical science and technology
  6. Design of nanomaterials and functional materials science
  7. Hydro/solvothermal film deposition and coating
  8. Carbon based and derived materials 
  9. Hybrid materials
  10. Single crystal growth and applications
  11. Polymer processing: synthesis, shaping and recycling
  12. Green chemistry using hydro/solvothermal processes
  13. Biorefinery: biomass transformation into energy and chemicals
  14. Hydro/solvothermal processes in Biosciences and biochemistry
  15. Life cycle assessment
  16. Industrial applications of hydro/solvothermal processes
  17. Others